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EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre


Achieving Excellence in Renewable Energy RTD

Described by the European Commission as the "Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence and Competence in Poland" (RECEPOL), the EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre is a leader in renewable energy research and development. EC BREC is based in the Central Petroleum Laboratory for Fuels and Renewable Energy(CLN)which is part of the Ministry of Economy.

EC BREC and the Bioenergy NoE

EC BREC's research experience and activities cover solid biofuels, processing and conversion, biomass supply forecasting, LCA on biogas and liquid biofuels and also socio-economics and policy oriented research. Magdalena Rogulska together with other ECBREC researchers lead on the NoE's Land Use Change and Biomass Resources Research Area.

EC BREC news and publications

EC BREC's website is under development but provides some links to recent publications and reports and good information on the renewable energy sector in Poland.

Contact Information

The Board member for the NoE is Magdalena Rogulska.

Jagiellonska 55, bud.6,
PL 03-301 Warszawa
t: +48 22 5100 231
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