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International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

Energy for Sustainable Development

The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University was established by the Swedish Parliament in 1994. With the firm conviction that "prevention is better than cure", the IIIEE is engaged in multi-disciplinary research with the overall ambition to further systems of production and consumption that support sustainable development. The main research areas of the IIIEE are Sustainable Product and Service Systems, Distributed Economies, and Energy for Sustainable Development.

The IIIEE and the NoE

The IIIEE has extensive expertise in environmental and broader sustainability analysis of renewable energy systems. Bringing a multi-disciplinary and creative research philosophy to the Bioenergy NoE, Philip Peck leads the Environment and Socio-Economics Research Area. The IIIEE has a strong history of cooperation with other institutes, including the Department for Environment and Energy Systems in Sweden, to produce research on climate change and sustainable development.


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Board Member for the NoE is Thomas Johansson

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