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Meet a Researcher

Read interviews with Bioenergy NoE researchers on their feelings about bioenergy research, their work for the NoE, and the highs and lows of renewable energy R&D.  

Elma Gyftopolou

Elma is a Research Fellow at Aston University.  With a PhD focusing on catalyst development for upgrading of coal and biomass liquids, Elma now carries out research into a number of projects at Aston, with a core focus on Bioenergy NoE.

Helen Nilsson

Helen is a Research Associate and PhD student at IIIEE.  An expert on the CAP, distributed economies and sustainable development, Helen is looking at bioenergy's potential to boost local economies. 

Jouni H?m?l?inen

Jouni is a Technology Manager at VTT in Jyv?skyl?, Finland.  An expert in biomass combustion technologies, particularly, Circulating Fluidised Beds, Jouni is passionate about integrating biomass into Europe's energy mix.

Hannes Schwaiger

A forester at heart, Hannes is a Project Manager in the field of Energy, Land Use, Climate Change at JOANNEUM Research.  He's an expert in carbon and GHG modelling, land use change and bioenergy.   

Andreas Hornung

Andreas Hornung is the head of the Gas Treatment/Pyrolysis section of the Thermal Waste Treatment Division in the Institute for Technical Chemistry at FZK.  He has worked throughout Europe and believes in the necessity for scientific research that meets community needs. 

Yrj? Solantausta

Yrj? Solantausta is a Chief Research Scientist and Leader of the Synfuels Team at the Fuel Conversion Knowledge Centre at VTT.  He specialises in Alternative Fuels, Process modelling and Techno-economic assessments.

From left, John Brammer and Yrj?

Ewout Deurwaarder

Ewout has been working as a researcher at ECN Biomass for 2 ? years, after graduating in chemical engineering. 


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