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Bioenergy NoE partner activity in other bioenergy projects

BEPINET: Biomass Energy Platforms Implementation for Training in Latin America

BIGPOWER: Advanced Biomass Gasification for High Efficiency Power

Bio2Value: a Netherlands project on biorefinery development

Biocoup: Co-processing of upgraded bio-liquids in standard refinery units

Biopol: an EU project to assess status, concepts and implications of innovative biorefineries on forest and agricultural policy

Biosynergy: an EU project to design concepts for a lignocellulosic ethanol biorefinery

CarboInvent:  Multi-source inventory methods for quantifying carbon stocks and stock changes in European forests

Cost Action E31: Management of Recovered Wood

Development of Biomass Fuel Handling and Feeding

EFORWOOD: Tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forestry Wood Chain

ENCOFOR:  ENvironment and COmmunity based framework for designing afFORestation , reforestation and revegetation projects in the CDM

EUBIONET2 aims to increase the deployment of biomass fuels into the European market  

IEA Bioenergy: The oldest and largest bioenergy research network in the world

Long-term Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers

Measuring Emissions from Small-Scale Wood Combustion

MicroCHEAP: Industry and research partners assess on renewable micro-CHP technology

NETBIOCOF: Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-Firing

QUOVADIS  Validation of Analytical Standards of Solid Recovered Fuels

R&D, Demonstration and Incentive Programmes for Alternative Fuels

REGIX: Creating databases on the production potential of lignocellulosic feedstocks in France

REFUEL: a project to encourage greater market penetration of biofuels

RENEW: Renewable Fuels for Advanced Power-trains 

SUPERGEN Biomass, Biofuels and Energy Crops is a UK consortium researching renewable energy generation from biomass 

Sustainable Energy in Poland: The Role of Bioenergy


ThermalNet: A cluster of three EU networks on combustion, gasification and pyrolysis aiming to optimise the thermal combustion of biomass to produce energy


WaCheUp: New Concepts for Upgrading Pulp and Cork Mill Waste Strems to Value-Added Chemicals


Waste management to reduce GHG emissions

Bioenergy: the basics

About Bioenergy: simply the best educational site on bioenergy. 

Policy & legislation on bioenergy in Europe

Kyoto Protocol

European Commission Energy website

Energy and transport legislation from the European Commission. 

Other international bioenergy projects and networks

The European Biomass Industry Association

ERA NET Bioenergy a network to pull together national bioenergy research in Europe

The Bioenergy Future Group is a forum for researchers, entrepreneurs and individuals to promote bioenergy

Key renewable energy websites

European Renewable Energy Council      
European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources 
European Renewable Energy Centres Agency      

European Geothermal Energy Council                                   

European Photovoltaic Industry Association                             

European Small Hydropower Association                                 

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation                      

European Wind Energy Association

Global Wind Energy Council 

ViaExpo a Bulgarian-based conference and exhibitions organiser for the renewable energy sector

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